OnSite Building Control Services

Our fees for building control services are due normally at 25% of the agreed total fee at application stage and 75% when work starts on site. Our minimum fee wef 1st March 2013 is 450.00 + VAT and the 25/75 split is not available on fees less than 750.00. We provide a quotation for each project as we do not have a set scale of charges. Please contact your local office for a quotation. Should your Surveyor agree a stage payment schedule and that schedule is not followed by payments within our terms, the stage payments agreement will automatically be voided and the full fee will be due. Should designs significantly change after we have checked your initial plans an additional fee will be payable.

Issue of the Initial Notice. Final Certificates (for local authority), Completion Certificates (for clients) are all included in the main fee. Copy and redirected invoices, and copy Completion Certificates are set at 35 each; Issue of Amendment Notices, Part Completion Certificates and re-issued invoices, 35.
All plus VAT.

On the larger project of capital values of 1 million or over we will consider stage payments of the inspection fee element upon request – speak to your nominated Surveyor. Smaller jobs attracting fees of 500 or less may be invoiced at 100% due at application stage. Terms are 7 day for full payment of invoices. Payment may be made by cheque, bankers draft or direct transfer to our bankers. Full details are provided on all our invoices. Invoices are sent direct to clients and not via third parties eg Project Managers, as fees are agreed at quotation time as are payment dates.

OnSite reserve the right to impose additional charges on unpaid invoices at 8% over base bank rate in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act 1998 from the date of the invoice. Administrative and court costs will also be added to the debt as appropriate. We may consider suspending services which could lead to cancellation of the agreement. No Final Certificates will be available unless full payments have been received or a valid acknowledged query lodged against the invoice. In addition, the Initial Notice may be cancelled as there will be a breach of contract.

Receipts are not issued for payments.

Should payment be received with the application before the first invoice is issued, a receipted invoice will be sent to the payee.

Lowest Quote?

In addition and in order to keep overheads as low as possible and therefore our charges as low as possible, we reserve the right to change an additional fee to the Client if we incur additional expenses by the engagement of builders who cannot speak English in sufficient detail to be able to converse with the Building Inspector and are inexperienced or not capable of carrying out the work. We one still happy to advise as necessary within our standard charges, but Clients will appreciate the difficulties we sometimes find ourselves. The cheapest quote is not always the least expensive. Please see our advice on How to Appoint a Builder.

Abortive visits

Additionally we reserve the right to charge for abortive inspections of work. Where the Contractor is clearly not ready for an arranged inspection, a charge to the contractor for time and travel expenses will be imposed on the Contractor. Where the client has not provided details of his appointed contractor or where the company is not known to OnSite Building Control, this additional invoice will be issued in the name of the Client.

A phone call cancelling arranged visits would avoid this additional charge.

Value Added Tax

All our fees are subject to the addition of Value Added Tax at the rate prevailing at the date of invoice


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March 2013