The creation of new homes either by constructing a new building or by conversion of an existing building is treated as commercial development insofar as we may have to consult with the fire authority as we do for all non-domestic work.

If your work includes new homes that will be for sale or for private renting you will need to obtain a housing warranty and provide documentary evidence that the site is registered with a warranty provider before are able to issue the Initial Notice. The fist step is to download complete and submit a dwellings form together with the normal application form.

OBC accepted
New Housing Warranty Providers

Premier Guarantee (MD Insurance Services Ltd)
Ian Turnick
Haymarket Court
Hinson Street
CH41 6HT

Tel: 0151 650 4343

Building Life Plans Ltd, 
Adrian Cummins
90 Fenchurch Street

Tel: 020 7204 2424

OnSite Building Control are on the AI register at Premier Guarantee for New Homes who advise -

“There are a maximum of 3 forms that need to be completed in order for the developer to be considered for the New Homes scheme: Registration Form ; to register the developer with ourselves, this only needs to be completed once as long as future developments are built in the same company name. Contract Notification Form; to give details of each individual development requiring consideration for the scheme. This needs to be completed with each application. Schedule of Works Form; only to be completed if there is an element of conversion/refurbishment included in the development”

Please note that if you do require a housing warranty and use OnSite for your building control body then the warranty can only be obtained from one of the providers shown in the adjacent boxed list

Zurich Guarantee and NHBC Buildmark

We are not accepting either Zurich or NHBC for a Housing Warranty scheme just now as we have no acceptable agreement with those warranty providers