We are approved by the Governments Designated Body, The Construction Industry Council and the following was lifted from their website which sums it all up -

Construction Industry Council Guidance

What is Building Control?

Building Regulations are minimum standards set by the Department for Communities and Local Government and cover the design and construction of buildings. They are also concerned with the health and safety of building users, energy and water efficiency, access issues and facilities for people with disabilities.

Approved Inspectors are persons authorised under the Building Act 1984 to carry out building control work in England and Wales. Approved Inspectors are required to follow the Building Control Performance Standards in their working practices and adhere to the Construction Industry Council’s Code of Conduct for Approved Inspectors.

A number of inspections are usually carried out during the building work. These are usually, but not necessarily, at specific stages, such as foundations, damp proof course and on completion. These inspections are carried out to check, but not to guarantee, that the work complies with the Building Regulations and that the building is safe.

The Building Control process does not provide quality control of the building work. The person carrying out the work, usually the Builder, carries ultimate responsibility for compliance with the Building Regulations and the quality of the finished product.

More information on the planning and building regulations system in England and Wales is available through the Planning Portal.

Source CIC website 01 11 2013